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Participants can approach their coursework from four different aspects of making music.
1. Song-Writer/Composer
2. Producer/Instrumental Player
3. Vocalist

Each course section has a specific curriculum outlined that will be presented by the instructor/mentor.
Participants are encouraged to sign up for at-least two different aspects with the 4th
administration part being required. Classes are offered two nights per week for 3-4 hours via
zoom or in person if they can come into the office located in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Each session will be both a lecture and lab. In the first part lecture participants will learn the
fundamentals of the weekly objective and put that into practice by contributing to a full-length
song by using their personal experience and talents. Each session the group is suggested a
song topic and then the class goes to work on making that song within the time frame allocated. 

By the end of the 8-week program the participants will have contributed to making an 8 song
album in which their publishing and song credits will be included as part of the release of the
project on all digital outlets and limited edition vinyl. Depending on the size of the group,
royalties will be shared and determined during the administration course work of making a split
sheet. Human Writes Music Group has partnered with various Song-Licensing companies so that
the music created in the course may appear in TV, Film and Commercials. 

To speak with an admission counselor, please fill-out the form below:  


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