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American Indian/Native American/Indigenous Activist The Broken Treaty Poet (DJ Free Leonard) curates select lyrics used to teach students in classrooms grades 4-12, about his journey as a Hip Hop artist using the art as a medium to raise awareness to Free Leonard Peltier, Social Injustice, Indigenous Language, Sports Team Mascots, Culture, Ceremony, & Community, The title "Birthright Tribal Member" refers to Native American People who have a inherent right to be a part of their Sovereign Tribe but do not due to various unjust law's as are refused entry. In 2016, formed a creative partnership with Chuck D of Public Enemy/Prophets of Rage, has collaborated with Mellow Man Ace of Cypress Hill, The Grouch, Eligh, Aesop, Luckyiam, Bicasso- all of The Living Legends, Pep Love of Hieroglyphics, Brother J of X-Clan, Equipto of Bored Stiff, EA-Ski, 2Mex, Deuce Eclipse of Zion I/Bang Data, Smash The Indigenous, Askari X, Rap Turner, Baby Eazy-E, Young Dirty Bastard, and many more.

Birthright Tribal Member Book by DJ Free Leonard

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