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Our mission is to empower formerly incarcerated individuals in actualizing their musical goals, while
facilitating easy reintegration into the society with emotional support and guidance in utilizing their 
experience to be transformed into beautiful forms of music. 

Our vision is to reduce the marginalization of formerly incarcerated people by focusing on the power of 
spoken word, poetry and prose for the artist to be able to Philosophically deconstruct toxic forms 
of communication, in which dominate hierarchy thrives off of, as well as incorporate the healing vibrations 
of the sounds of soulful music.  

The principles that guide HUMAN WRITES MUSIC GROUP:

• Be a leader.
• To provide sustainable empowerment and self-determination. 
• To reduce recidivism among participants. 
• To help participants in actualizing their musical goals and ambitions. 
• To join in Solidarity with other organizations and groups. 

$250 Donation Sponsors
One Participant. 

Trailer for upcoming documentary on Human Writes Music Group 

Participant Course Outline 

Once a participant has signed up they will receive a digital course-book for the 8-week program and a free digital recording studio including:

-Reason Production Software
-Pro Tools Software
-Audio Hardware/Interface 
-Midi Keyboard
-Registration With Performance Rights Organization
-Specific Instrument

Participants can approach their coursework from four different aspects of making music:


1. Song-Writer/Composer 2. Producer/Instrumental Player 3. Vocalist  4.Administration  


Thanks for submitting!

2023 Human Writes Music Group

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